Riviera del Conero

A unique coast being an amazing frame to a clean sea. The coast located in south Ancona is an expanse of white beaches still unpolluted. The most secluded small beaches interchange with the most accessible and equipped ones, up to Marcelli, with many facilities and much fun.
Portonovo, the smallest retreat on the Conero Riviera, is protected by the Regional Park of Conero Mount and also called “the Green Bay” because completely surrounded by nature and rocky mountains: a sinuous landscape shaped by the wind and the sea, far from busy roads.
Sirolo, a characteristic medieval village between the green Conero mountain and blue sea, it is considered “the pearl of the Adriatic” and honoured with the Blue Flag of Europe. A precious treasure sheltered in an uncontaminated landscape, among crystalline waters and breathtaking views.
Numana, a special area where the Conero mountain plunges directly into the sea, tracing the outlines of pebble and sand beaches and coves. It’s the perfect destination for a day of sun, sea…and delicious food of course!
Porto Recanati is a quiet and welcoming beach resort, ideal for families with children to spend a relaxing holiday. Fully-equipped wide sandy beaches, a traffic-free seafront and local colourful houses, make this fishing town truly unique. During summer weekends the street turns into a pedestrian thoroughfare, and hosts antique and handicraft markets.
Recanati stands out on the famous hills of infinity in the Conero Coastline. It’s well-known for having given birth and inspiration to Giacomo Leopardi, Poet and Philosopher and famed in the Italian Poetry. Walking the streets of this rural village you can live the atmosphere of Leopardi’s famous poem “Il Sabato del Villaggio”.
Tourists can visit Leopardi’s Palace, where they can find the valuable library collection by his father, Conte Monaldo; the maternal house, Palazzo Antici Mattei. In front of Leopardi’s Palace you can walk around the Sabato del Villaggio square and see Silvia’s home, well-known to the world literature. Then there is the tower bell of “Il passero solitario” and of course the hill of the Infinity, source of inspiration for Leopardi who has given us verses like: “So in this Immensity my thinking drowns: and to shipwreck is sweet for me in this sea.”

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